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Reply Sol, 07 Sep 2008

As I warned, a wall of text!

A bit of history of what made The Black Demon so infamous in this region.

Any Tennis fans out there? It's my second favourite sport to watch. Federer is my favourite player. That Nadal vs. Federer match at Wimbledon was one of the best matches I've ever seen, but I was sad to see Federer have a bit of a mini collapse after that.

But Federer's back in a big way! Unfortunately, Nadal lost in the semi's of the US Open, so we won't see a re-match of Wimbledon, but the finals should still be good. So glad I have the day off to watch it.

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Reply K.K., 07 Sep 2008


Brady = out for season? I laugh so hard.

Reply Sol, 07 Sep 2008

Football's been back for awhile <.<. At least, the Football I watch. (I'm an avid fan of the CFL, but I dislike the NFL. Mainly because I like CFL rules better.)

Reply K.K., 08 Sep 2008

>.> Our team sucks this year, and we just traded away our MVP, so... I dunno how excited you should be.

NFL is nice because they don't just huck it as hard as they can on the first down...

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Reply Vye Brante, 08 Sep 2008

Um . . . Thought I lost the comment button for a second. It it supposed to be way over there? It's easy to miss.

The "wall of text" is actually not too bad. It's quite a lot of info in not a lot of space. So not a big deal. Well done for a comic. It's easy for comics to look like novels when a lot of information needs to be laid out like that.

Reply Sol, 08 Sep 2008

O.o. I don't see how it's easy to miss. It's right below everyone else's comments.

Reply Witch Girl Pilar, 08 Sep 2008

o.o How interesting. A swordsman who similar to Lone... DUNDUNDUN.

Suspense rising. XD

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