2 Year Anniversary!

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Reply Sol, 09 Sep 2008

Happy 2nd Anniversary! No parodies this time, unfortunately. Instead, I threw up a wallpaper K.K. made back when Maeva was first introduced. it also shows her Demon Form, which we haven't seen before.

It's now been two years since TLS first started as a webcomic. This second year has been a lot more interesting than the first, probably because we updated more than we did the first year. That being said, I think our third year should be even better. New characters, major story developments and many surprises lie ahead!

Thank you, readers, and here's to another!

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Reply K.K., 09 Sep 2008

I'm not a huge fan of this particular picture... I would have preferred Sol used the one with the 4 generals. But hey, guess he wanted to see Maeva, who has been rather inconspicuous.

Reply Sol, 09 Sep 2008

I was going to use the 4 Generals, but I wasn't sure how it'd translate on a smaller scale. But Kratos does look damn good in that picture.

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Reply CPD, 09 Sep 2008

2 years! Congrats. I know it can be hard to stick to something for that long and I'm glad you guys did!

Reply Vye Brante, 09 Sep 2008

Congrats! Nice work, you two.

And about the comment button, on my screen it shows up on the side, next to the thing that says "Lunatic Ramblings," not at the bottom. That's why I almost missed it.

Reply Sol, 09 Sep 2008

Really? Weird. Don't know what would cause that... Anybody else experiencing this problem?

Reply K.K., 09 Sep 2008

Any chance you can tell me what browser you're using? I tested it on Firefox, but IE may be buggy...

Reply amjam, 10 Sep 2008

Congrats on 2 years :) The comic keeps getting better. (kind of like a good cheese, fitting considering the last villain)

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