Chapter 9 - Page 8

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Reply Sol, 11 Sep 2008

Santa Claus! <.<. You know, it would have been perfect if this was right before the 2nd Anniversary. We could have done a parody about the next page.

Oh well. You can probably figure out who it is.

Also, for those wondering what CPD and I were talking about on the last page, CPD is the new artist of my other comic, Goddess Shariah. Which I've restarted since I changed some names and the fact that this is the third artist GS has had. However, we should be able to get things going much faster than the previous artists.

Also, we're still alive! For those who don't know, there was a massive experiment being done Wednesday that was supposed to figure out the "secret of the universe." Which, if memory serves, was to find out how the universe was created. Mind you, there was a small chance that this $10 billion experiment could create a black hole that could swallow the entire Earth, but they felt it was worth it.

I don't know what the result of that experiment was. If someone knows, please tell me. I'm curious.

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Reply K.K., 11 Sep 2008

Wouldn't that experiment simply be scientists chucking atoms together with a particle accelerator?

The Universe does that on a constant basis, so scientists trying to do it in a controlled experiment wasn't likely to cause a black hole. More likely they'd accidentally create a micro-verse...

Or am I thinking about something else? Aaaah.....

Whuu, I can go back to reading GS then.

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Reply Pandachu, 12 Sep 2008

=D! Suspenseful and wonderful page, yey! xD

Reply jaffar255, 12 Sep 2008

The theory about the accelerator making a black hole that could swallow the world was made up by people who didn't know pyshics. The LHC couldn't swallow the world, but it could create black holes. The problem is, black holes must have mass to start to "swallow" anything. So, the mass they would have is the two proton particles that were shot through the accelerator. The problem is, the black hole that would have been made would have been microscopic. The size of the prestated black hole would take it over 1,000,000 million years to even move your desk chair by an inch, thats how low it's gravity would be. So, the experiment was pretty safe D:

Anyways, about the comic 8D

Nice few recent pages, I like that new girl ;D

Reply K.K., 13 Sep 2008

Whoa, are you a physics major? That's deep...

I luv the new girl, too XD It's the fang that gets you.

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