Chapter 9 - Page 9

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Reply Sol, 14 Sep 2008

Celene finally shows up again, after like, 5 Chapters.

This page makes me laugh. Especially the second panel, but the third panel is funny too (with Kai sulking in the background.)

Stephanie's a little on edge because of Kat <.<.

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Reply K.K., 14 Sep 2008

hehe, Kai wasn't supposed to be there, but I did a background (for once, sorta)

For those who care, Celene's hair is changed from before. It's more like actual hair now, with the two front strands being loops tied back to her headband as opposed to just pieces of hair that are randomly forwards.

Kai is so whipped. I'm serious... Demons have nothing on an angry woman.

Reply Sol, 14 Sep 2008

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"

User's Comments:

Reply Vye Brante, 15 Sep 2008

Ha ha! Yeah, the second panel is awesome.

Reply CPD, 15 Sep 2008

Kai's such a playboy.

Reply Dumpy, 15 Sep 2008

i thought they were the same woman :( they wear the same colors!

Reply Sol, 15 Sep 2008

Their outfits are different. But yes, their somewhat similar appearance was intentional. It spurred the scene on Chapter 3 - Page 5 (my hyperlink doesn't seem to be working right now >.<.)

Reply Witch Girl Pilar, 17 Sep 2008

I agree They look similar. In a way, ehehe.

And love the 2nd panel. So cute. xDDDD;

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