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Reply Sol, 23 Sep 2008

A bit more info about the Queen of Chaos.

I'll let people theorize what her other role is until it's revealed.

So! For 4 weeks in October, I'm taking a course on Professional Voice Acting, with Professional VA Michael Daingerfield as my teacher. Should be interesting, and I'm really looking forward to it. I'll let you know how that goes.

Reply Advertisement, 18 Sep 2019

Reply K.K., 23 Sep 2008

Celene doesn't look too happy.

I have an event going on at University, because apparently I am the Marketing director for a club. Go figure. Pretty much everything that could go wrong looks like it's going to go wrong, a fact made more terrible by the way our club president is on the other side of the country. I guess she wanted nothing to do with the club...

I don't even know what else to say about it. The room is horrific for the event. The planning is last second. The number of people showing up is badly skewed (too many industry professionals coming, not enough students coming) due to lack of interest in the club and too much interest from people looking to hire club members. How the heck does that even happen?!

I've tried to do what I can. I finished everything I had to do early, so we'd have enough time to advertise and market it, but our "VP Internal" does nothing, so the actual event setup is left to people who really shouldn't be doing it. I hate it when people are so unreliable that they don't even do their own jobs... Like, AT ALL. They leave it to the rest of us, when we're not even technically supposed to do that much for this club (It's an MIS club, and most of the work is done by accountants).

Anyways, that's my angry rant for the week.

I don't know how much Sol can learn from a VA class. I didn't think you could "learn" that, since it's mainly your own voice, and the various emotions coming out should be monitored by the director, (I'm probably being too blase on it though). I'd be interested to know what the syllabus on that course is. On the other hand, this is a good way to get in the industry door, so I'd be more interested in making a connection with the professional.

Best of luck, though~

Reply Sol, 23 Sep 2008

For those interested, visit

I'm taking the Level 1 course. If things go well, I'll take the Level 2 course as well when it's available.

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Reply Vye Brante, 24 Sep 2008

Confidential? Yeah. That's helpful. Should she even be worried about that considering all that's going on? Doesn't seem like it but what do I know?

That post a comment button appears on the side on my Wii too. (My Wii is currently my only means of Internet.) Just sayin'.

Reply Sol, 24 Sep 2008

Haha, yeah, I know, but that's Celene. She's very "by the book."

Your only internet means is your Wii right now? That has to be annoying. (hates having to "type" on the Wii)

Reply Witch Girl Pilar, 24 Sep 2008

If that Queen of Chaos IS the enemy right now, Sypher might be sad. D:

Reply BlizzardComics, 25 Sep 2008

You're still getting better at drawing. Keep it up. Soon enough, this comic will have some pretty good artwork in it. You're improving very quickly!

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