Chapter 9 - Page 23

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Reply K.K., 16 Oct 2008

Yeah, I don't know how to draw a sniper rifle.

Okay... so, it's up on time, even if I started really late. XD

Is he dead? Is the comic over? Is it because I got tired of drawing Kai? Who knows.

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Reply Sol, 16 Oct 2008

First time we've seen a Demon use a gun, too. There are some gun wielders amongst Demons, but not many.

User's Comments:

Reply Ninja Fox, 17 Oct 2008

I have a feeling that Kat is going to save him.

Reply tezzle, 17 Oct 2008

I have a feeling there's a correlation between K.K. not being able to draw guns, and Sol's statement that not many demons use them. XD

Reply K.K., 17 Oct 2008

That is an unfounded rumor~

Besides, if Sol was that considerate, then Celene wouldn't have that damn bow and arrow set.

Reply Sol, 18 Oct 2008

and Kratos wouldn't have that complicated sword.

No, the real reason is that I generally don't like guns. <.<.

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