Chapter 10 - Page 4

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Reply Sol, 11 Nov 2008

The history of the Ren and Siske's rivalry, as well as the origins of the Return to Sender and the Whirling Shield.

Not much to say right now.

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Reply Sol, 12 Nov 2008

Temporary Hiatus I'm putting this in the Author's comments as well. As K.K. mentioned below, we will be on temporary hiatus due to K.K.'s laptop crashing. K.K. estimates this could take a week or two to fix. We apologize, but it's out of our control.

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Reply Vye Brante, 12 Nov 2008

Well sheesh. They seem to be just killing each other out for no good reason . . . That doesn't help anyone.

Heh, nice flashback-y page though.

Reply Sol, 12 Nov 2008

Haha, well, it was just that they were always on opposite sides during Wars and such. Plus the Siske are sore losers, and would always side against the Ren just so they'd have another chance to beat them.

Reply K.K., 12 Nov 2008

The Siske seem to suck.

Okay,good news and bad news. Good news is that I have the next 2 pages done. Bad news? My laptop died. The pages were on that, plus it's my only computer so I can't make any new pages for a while. In any case, this more or less means a forced hiatus. Really sorry, everyone...

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