Chapter 11 - Page 4

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Reply Sol, 05 Jan 2009

There is meaning to this page. Though I won't say what it is.

I'm almost back to feeling 100%. Yay!

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Reply K.K., 05 Jan 2009

Actually, I don't know the meaning of this page either, so the fans and I are in the same boat.

Not reading ahead, lulz, cuz I'm lazy.

User's Comments:

Reply misskrachel, 06 Jan 2009

i love your comic!! I just spent the last couple of hours reading the whole archive! I was supposed to be doing something else too! I like the style the char are in. I think the contrast between your first pages and now is incredible. I am so glad i kept reading! <3 <3 Thnx for the great comic and keep going! Pweaaase!

Reply NaginiFay, 14 Jan 2015

@misskrachel: Wow, sis. I had a lot of fun teasing you about this comment!

Reply Sol, 14 Jan 2015

@NaginiFay: About a comment from 6 years ago?

Reply Sol, 06 Jan 2009

yay for new fan!

Glad to see you're enjoying the comic. We update regularly on a MWF schedule. I hope you'll continue to read on in the future!

Reply NaginiFay, 15 Jan 2015

Yup. I did. I was reading this and she was in the same room as me. She has matured a lot since then! She was a bit embarrassed when I read it out loud to the whole family.

Reply Sol, 16 Jan 2015

@NaginiFay: I don't see what's so embarrassing about it.

Reply NaginiFay, 16 Jan 2015

<3 <3 Thnx and Pweaaase! aren't exactly her style anymore. :)

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