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Reply Sol, 27 Jan 2009

I like Kat's grin there in the first panel.

Kai displays a new technique. He essentially cut that rock multiple times in the air so precisely, it formed that Shuriken he's holding in the third panel. But can a Shuriken made of stone be effective?

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Reply K.K., 27 Jan 2009

Real life answer = No.

Reply Sol, 28 Jan 2009

You know, our fan count has been kind of bugging me lately :/. I honestly think it should be higher than it is. Especially when I sometimes see really crappy sprite comics with more fans than us occasionally.

I personally think it's just a matter of exposure. I might do some advertising in the near future. It'd be awesome if we got spotlighted, but that has yet to happen during our time here on SJ, even when we were recommended once.

Anyways, the main purpose of this post was to try and encourage people to recommend us to various people. I'd love to finally reach the big 100 in fans one of these days, and we've been stuck at around the same amount for awhile. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Reply K.K., 29 Jan 2009

I'm betting the one month hiatus didn't help...

Reply Sol, 29 Jan 2009

Most comics have way more hiatus' than us on SJ, sometimes longer than us too. We even made up for that hiatus by coming back with a completed Chapter 10. So, while it's true it may not have helped, you have to respect the fact that we are probably one of the most regularly updated comics on SJ. We even update at a pretty set time, rather than all over the place.

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Reply Vye Brante, 30 Jan 2009

It wasn't spotlighted? I thought it was once . . . But I guess I could easily be thinking about a donator spotlight.

It is frustrating. It seems a lot like all you have to do is mention "Yaoi" on your banner or in your description and you're garunteed over 100 fans right at the start, even if the story right out sucks! It bugs me so bad to read comments on those comic praising the art and story when the quality is actually pretty low . . .

I don't have much to suggest to you though. The only things I've done that maybe you haven't was post a thread on the forums about my own comic. You could try that but you'd have to be open to comments about how your comic doesn't have Pokemon in it. (Not all comics linked there do.) Other than that, you might try affiliates. Having a comic with more or even just different fans from what you already have can help bring in new readers. It's quite helpful.

Other than that, I am of little help. I think I may do a News post here about some good comics that I think need more fans. I'll include yours.

Reply Guest (Guest), 30 Jan 2009

If you want more fans, you'll need to improve the overall quality of TLS.

The art is what usually attracts me to a comic. So far, the art isn't terrible, but it isn't the greatest either. Anatomy is something that should be worked on, and perspective as well. Avoid using the dodge/burn and smudge tools for coloring, and don't use filters for effects, it normally doesn't look good. The lineart is also something that could be worked on. Try varying the thickness of each line, and try to make the lines smoother. The actual paneling itself is passable, but not perfect. Also, the story is supposed set in a modern time, correct? If so, the way the backgrounds are done right now makes it hard to tell. Where are the vehicles or streetlights? In fact, the only modern thing I've seen so far (that I can remember)is Si's gun, that sniper the demon had, and the cellphone Si had. So far the backgrounds we have seen are generic woodland settings, or generic buildings that can't be recognized distinctly as modern buildings. I wouldn't have known that the story isn't set in some fantasy place if it wasn't explained early on in the story. Actions scenes also need to be worked on. You shouldn't have to explain what someone is doing on the comic, it should be clearly shown.

A few things in the story could use some work as well. If there's this huge war going on, why aren't the governments doing anything? What about the military?(I didn't read back to check to see if these questions are answered already, so I may be wrong) What happened to all the people? So far I think regular people have only been encountered whenever Kai is fighting demons. How come they're all confined to just cities and towns? It's strange that Kai hasn't encountered a single person when he was traveling between towns. (again, I didn't read back to check on this so I may be wrong)

TLS could use some exposure. I think the way I discovered this comic was by chance, while browsing through another person's favorites.

Keep in mind that I'm really not the best advice giver, the things I was really generic on were things that I don't have much experience in myself. What I've said is just my own opinion of what I think could be improved on, so don't take it as an insult or anything. >>;

Reply Sol, 30 Jan 2009

Long comment from an anon... that's a first.

The military attempted to stop the Jester Brothers earlier on by sending a million soldiers at them, and failed. Their weapons had no effect on them (Demons and Angels can only be hurt by weapons imbued with Angelic or Demonic energies.)

A lot of people are dead in the areas where Kai has explored. Kai is now traveling more south, where there have been some survivors (such as when he rescued that city from The Big Cheese.)

There probably are a lot of people hiding outside the cities, but Kai just hasn't seen them. As for things like vehicles and such... well, that's really just a matter of I didn't write them in because of spacing and time issues.

TLS also does technically take place in a fantasy world. The land isn't structured the same, for the most part.

Reply K.K., 30 Jan 2009

The art stuff is interesting enough, but for the most part, doing all of that would take an inordinate amount of time, (which I really don't have). The burn/dodge stuff, line thickness, paneling - it's all sort of set up so I can finish a page in a couple of hours.

As for the backgrounds, there's not much to say about them - it's not like anything in them stands out in the story anyways, so I don't see why wasting a ton of time to create detailed backgrounds is worth it.

Reply K.K., 30 Jan 2009

Also, I don't use many filters, and there's no smudging whatsoever, so I'm not even sure what you're talking about on those.

Reply Guest (Guest), 30 Jan 2009

Sorry, I apparently suck at identifying which tools that are used. >>;
i understand that it would take more time, but the overall quality would be that much more improved. At least stay away from dodge and burn, it really is the worst tool to use. It was meant to be used to touch up photographs, not shade/highlight artwork.

@Sol: Ah, I probably should of checked back. =_=U
When I said fantasy world, I meant more along the lines of a medieval fantasy world.

Reply K.K., 31 Jan 2009

Well, thanks anyways - I'll keep it in mind. ^_^

Reply Ninja Fox, 01 Feb 2009

I don't think a single rock shuriken is gonna help Kai out. xD

Is there a full body image of Celene somewhere? I can't seem to find out what the pants/skirt/dress she's wearing looks like.

[EDIT] Oh, and her shoes. xD

Reply misskrachel, 01 Feb 2009

I think that you should probably work on the clothes and anatomy of your characters. I know its hard, butit would really improve the look. I seriously improved my drawings by finding pictures online that closely resemble my character's body structure and copy them until thats easy to draw. Ignore the guests comments about the background... a lot of comics do well without the detail. I also think it brings attention to whats really going on.

Reply Sol, 01 Feb 2009

I'm slightly responsible for character design, as I come up with the general look for the characters, and then K.K. sort of translates it. Character design (in terms of looks and clothing) has always, admittedly, been a weak point for me. It's something that is easier if you can draw, I feel. Although I also tend to keep things fairly simple for my artists as well.

I kind of agree with you, Rachel, regarding Backgrounds. While they do look nice, I had to cut a lot of stuff out of TLS (such as more elaborate background stuff) so it could work. As it stands, we're fast approaching comic #350, and we're only on Part 2 of 6. So that's kind of my explanation on that bit.

To answer Ninja Fox's question, I did some searching and you're right. I don't think K.K.'s done one truly full body shot that includes her shoes. If K.K.'s nice, he might help you out. Or I could supply you with my written up character design of her, which included her shoes. I want to say they are sandals, but I'd have to double check that.

Reply Ninja Fox, 01 Feb 2009

It can be a written character design, it doesn't matter. Just don't look at me funny if I draw it wrong. xD

Reply CPD, 02 Feb 2009

I would suggest something, but everything has been said.

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