Chapter 11 - Page 16

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Reply Sol, 01 Feb 2009

Is Kai bluffing, taking it easy on Kat, or showing his confidence? You decide.

Eh, so my comment isn't so short, I'll advertise my other comic, Goddess Shariah, a bit again. After many delays and various artists, we're finally making progress thanks to the great work by CPD. Goddess Shariah has just recently finished it's first chapter, and has started on the second.

Goddess Shariah contains a mixture of Action, Romance and Comedy (though admittedly the comedy doesn't come in until Chapter 3) and updates roughly every 1-2 weeks (though there's a lot more panels per update than TLS)

If you like TLS, then you should love Goddess Shariah.

I'd love to see more of my regulars on here fav GS as well, so check it out!

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Reply K.K., 01 Feb 2009

Hijacking the style from my (now defunct) other webcomic. I really should draw another page for that someday...

Anyways, I like how Kat looks in the top panels.

Also, feel like doing something random? Go here, sign up with a fake account or something, then vote (in both categories, if you can!) I get the feeling that irregardless of content, I can win that (not that the content isn't awesome)

I'm also testing a hypothesis that asking please is enough to get people to stuff a ballot that they are indifferent about, so I'll say "Please" as well.

Also, YEAH! Steelers win the Superbowl!

User's Comments:

Reply Ninja Fox, 01 Feb 2009

I love the style you drew this in. <3

I'd say Kai is bluffing. To me, Kat looks a lot stronger than she seems.

Reply K.K., 02 Feb 2009

^_^ If you like it, I can try to keep it this way. It's how I normally draw, anyways.

It's just a bit tough 'cuz it takes me literally 4 times as long to color it.

Reply CPD, 02 Feb 2009

Thanks! ^-^

I agree, I like this shading too.

Yeah Steelers!

Reply Ninja Fox, 02 Feb 2009

4 times longer? :o
If you think that it's too much work, don't feel obligated to keep doing it this way.

Reply K.K., 03 Feb 2009

I'll stick with it for a while, but we'll see...

The next page got screwy though... I messed up the "flow" level, but the page after should be okay again.

Reply ienmdb, 07 Feb 2009

Love the style!

Reply Pandachu, 10 Feb 2009

I agree. Loving the style, but if it takes you that long, you shouldn't have to stress . . .

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