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Reply Sol, 01 Mar 2009

100! Heh, K.K. beat me to it. Which is fine. I'll leave it up to him for the thank you pages.

We haven't seen Shutendoji for awhile. I should try to fit him in soon.

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Reply K.K., 01 Mar 2009

Shutendoji's done in the same sort of style as the last page - I think I'll stick to it for a while, but it's seriously sloooowwww to do each page... so for today, make due with this + the next page, okay? I seriously need to study for my exam.

Hahaha, sorry, Sol, I know you wanted to have a poll, but then we'd get like 10 different answers for different characters anyways - until it comes down to a fight between Sypher and Zell...

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