To The New Century

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Reply Sol, 01 Mar 2009

We've got not one, but two bonus pages for you! This one is to celebrate our "new century of fans" since we hit 101.

I quite like this one, actually.

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Reply K.K., 01 Mar 2009

Click the "Prev" button to see the other thank-you page~ Though honestly, SmackJeeves is acting up for me; it's taking a while to load each page. I blame the background on this site - I really may go back and just turn it into a total black background, to make it load faster.

Kai's lookin' a bit different here, heh. Modern is in - and it looks good. The guy in the black? You know him, he's not Kai though.

No story page today (sorry! I'll do two in a row some other time) since I have a midterm coming up that I need to *start* studying for. It's been 3 months and I haven't ... "Technically"... read anything for the class, so I'm a bit behind ^^" Well, so is everyone there though. The class is hard to take really seriously...

That, plus being in 4 group projects (and being in charge of like... 2.5 of them...) is eating into my drawin' time far too much these days.

Reply Sol, 01 Mar 2009

I think it's just SJ being slow. It was doing that for me earlier, but now it's loading up really quickly. So, it's weird.

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Reply Ninja Fox, 01 Mar 2009

I'm in love with this page. <3

Congrats on getting 100 fans!

Reply K.K., 02 Mar 2009

Kai's new haircut is fun ^^

Reply Ninja Fox, 02 Mar 2009

I see he's got some sexy abs too. <3

Reply CPD, 02 Mar 2009

Congrats you guys!

Reply BlackCatz, 04 Mar 2009

Wow 101 fans! Congrats guys-
Just read thru to this point and I really enjoyed the story and the art- and have faved :D

Reply Sol, 04 Mar 2009

Yay! Thanks, BlackCatz!

Sorry for the delay on the next page, guys. The site I upload to is down for maintenance, so I'm just waiting for that to go back up again so I can upload the page.

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