Chapter 12 - Page 5

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Reply Sol, 26 Mar 2009

Si's back to his old ways, it seems. This is the last of the aftermath pages.

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Reply K.K., 27 Mar 2009

His pack is up to 8.

I'm swamped this / next week... T___T which is why Sol's next page makes me weep.

User's Comments:

Reply BlackCatz, 27 Mar 2009

Dare I ask why? *has second thoughts* don't answer that...
(Is looking forward to tomorrow 24 hours of NO work! Yay!)

Reply K.K., 27 Mar 2009

Get your mind out of the gutter, hahaha.... it's nothing bad, it's just kind of a busy scene...

Or at least, it's supposed to be. I'm not sure how I'm going to do it yet.

Reply BlackCatz, 27 Mar 2009

*puppy eyes* Moi?

actually, never did think that XD

Reply amjam, 29 Mar 2009

Poor Si xD

Reply Sol, 29 Mar 2009

Hey, it's Amjam! Haven't heard from you in awhile. How are you doing?

Reply amjam, 01 Apr 2009

Swell, thanks for asking! Yeah, I pulled out of the internet more than usual, since my con-going is entirely dependent on grades and I wanted to make sure I kept that Bio one above an 80! How've you been? Looks like the comic's still trucking away, which is awesome.

Reply Sol, 01 Apr 2009

Mmhmm. I'm doing pretty good. Just bought a townhouse, actually, which I move into in late June.

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