Chapter 12 - Page 13

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Reply Sol, 12 Apr 2009

And she finally says her name. This is why I told you guys her name early, because I didn't want to call her the mystery thief until then :P.

We also learn that she's a super genius.

The last panel is more of a comedic point that I made when I realized that they WERE in that expression for quite a few pages.

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Reply K.K., 12 Apr 2009

I like the middle panel, Siska's just so amazingly arrogant.

She could clone an army of herself, and they could take over the world - except all of them would argue that they should be in charge, and fights would break out.

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Reply BlackCatz, 15 Apr 2009

Super genius, huh?

Makes sense- altho why would she be a thief with that kinda smarts? It'd be interesting to find out how and why she became a thief- wonder it's a addictive challenge to match smarts & wits with the law? Hmm..

I'm wondering also if Celene also knew of Siska's smartness before the two 'met'? That'd be the reason for Celene to be there and show Siska the tech?

Questions! Questions!

Reply Sol, 15 Apr 2009

To your first question, all I can say is that you'll find out soon enough.

For the second, it won't be answered in the comic so I'll answer it. No, Celene wasn't aware, though she quickly found out. Celene had just stumbled upon this thriving city and found Siska following her around, after Siska thought she seemed odd.

Reply BlackCatz, 15 Apr 2009

Ok- I'll be patient and wait to find out Siska's story...

As for Celene- that makes sense- I'm sure that Celene would notice that kind of thing quickly, eh?

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