Chapter 12 - Page 15

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Reply Sol, 15 Apr 2009

I LOVE this page, I had a lot of fun writing it.

Siska was already gaining popularity, but I have a feeling she may garner more here.

I love writing for Siska, so I'm pretty happy that she's finally made her appearance.

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Reply K.K., 15 Apr 2009

First page with my new tablet~

Mwahahaha, this thing is awesome.

User's Comments:

Reply BlackCatz, 20 Apr 2009

LOL- Siska sounds like she swallowed a thesaurus! Heh. I already adored her so... And I HOPE she does join them- especially if she and Si have arguments like this often! >.<

Reply CPD, 20 Apr 2009

This page made me laugh.

Reply Ninja Fox, 20 Apr 2009

Possession liberator? xD

Reply Wolf (Guest), 21 Apr 2009

I feel sorry for him because I have a friend who speaks in that sort of manner all the time and I'm aware of how annoying it is.

Reply Django, 21 Apr 2009

XD This page is funny. XD;; It made me gigglesnort ._.

Reply ienmdb, 24 Apr 2009

She's kind of like Locke from FF6. A thief who prefers to be called a treasure hunter.

Reply Gymgee, 20 Jul 2009

I love this page!

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