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Reply Sol, 15 Apr 2009

Great job on Siska's eyes here, K.K. The emotion is really good.

I hope this answers BlackCatz's question about why Siska is a thief when she's so smart.

She's been an orphan street girl since she was ten. What I probably like the most about Siska is how much of a survivor she is. Despite having lost everything, she is still cheerful and full of energy, though she's not afraid of insulting the people she thinks are idiots (which is most people XD.)

She is also the youngest member of the group, as you can see (Stephanie's second youngest at 16).

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Reply K.K., 15 Apr 2009


Should realllllly update the character Bios with Siska's pic soon...

Reply Sol, 16 Apr 2009

Si and Kat aren't on there either.

Reply K.K., 16 Apr 2009

Jeez, I can't believe it... I thought I already did Kat's but ends up it was just Maeva's...

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Reply K.K., 17 Apr 2009

* They should have been up for like a week... they're done and all.

Proof of how long ago this page was *actually* put up.

Reply Sol, 23 Apr 2009

So, my Step-Sister is getting married on May 2nd, the day before I go on vacation to San Francisco. I have the dilemma of deciding if I want to go, especially since I don't approve of the guy she's marrying (the guy's a bit of a womanizer, and when she originally hooked up with him and got her pregnant, it was an affair he was having. He has two ex-wives already I believe.) Admittedly, she hasn't been my step-sister for long, and I rarely ever see her, and she's older than me. Since she's not really related to me by blood, I feel like it's wrong of me to judge her on her decision, because it will more than likely end poorly for her. At the same time, I'm an only child who always wished he had siblings, especially a sister, and my brotherly instincts are eating away at me for letting it happen. If she were related to me by blood, I'd be doing whatever I could to talk some sense into her.

Anybody have any ideas on what the right thing to do here is? Should I attend to support her, even though I begrudge it in my heart? I'm really at a loss :/

Reply BlackCatz, 24 Apr 2009

First: I agree with you, Sol about Siska's emotion there- very well done, K.K.

And thanks for answering my question.. Now I admire Siska EVEN more- for being upbeat and all considering...I'm sure she's thankful that she didn't have to watch her parents suffer from any Demonly attacks..and I'm betting the city they're in isn't even her birthplace..she'd run far to escape the law..

Now about your step-sis- that's a tough choice to make- I had almost the same choice to make, except it was a cousin who did the same...for me, I sat down and thought: if I didn't go; would I still like what I see in the mirror? For me, I went. And bit my tongue..and thru the marriage I supported her whenever I could- they're divorced now (I'm happy about it but I realized that if I said something against the marriage, I would have damaged the relationship between my cousin and myself- now post-divorce, it's still strong as she knows I tried to trust her).

Am I making sense? Hope I helped you - however small! :D

Edit: just answer this question if you can: what do you value more; your feelings of disapproval of the jerk-groom-to-be or the possibility of building a relationship with your step-sis..if you want one?

Reply K.K., 24 Apr 2009

I wouldn't go because I'm a cold and bitter individual, but if you were formally invited, and since it is your step-sister, you may want to go and put on a smile; you probably aren't the only person who disapproves, and she could probably use the support. Of course, if she only "sorta" invited you out of what seems like sibling duty, (like, you just got an invite in the mail, she didn't tell you personally or ask you follow ups, etc...) then don't go.

I wouldn't try to talk her out of it either - let people make their own mistakes. <__< though it sounds as if I would heartily disapprove as well. You may want to tell her how you feel though (that you don't like the guy so much, but if he makes her happy, you'll stand by her no matter what). But really, it may just be best not to say anything, other than you'll always be there to support her if she wants it (so if things do start to go poorly, she knows you'll always be willing to help her out).

Reply K.K., 24 Apr 2009

Oh, and that's how I normally draw eyes, even non-sad ones (stylistically it's a copy of Neon Genesis Evangelion) but for the comic, I tend not to do it just because it's faster to not do it, and often the drawing size is such that the eyes would require using a very small brush to fill in...

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