Chapter 12 - Page 19

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Reply Sol, 15 Apr 2009

In case you can't tell, she just stole a bunch of clothing that's on her arm right now <.<. Si isn't too impressed, obviously XD.

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Reply K.K., 15 Apr 2009

She was supposed to be wearing a ton of rings, too... = = but I kind of ran out of space, + the way she's carrying clothes would make it hard to show rings + the right expression...

Yeah, if you haven't realized, I'm now just going to be super cheap and cheat on backgrounds from now on =D

Reminds me of an anime that aired like 2 years ago... = = Jeez, the name escapes me, but they'd just recolor real backgrounds, then superimpose the art overtop.

*Edit: The reason it's so hard to remember is 'cuz the name is so long.....

Reply Sol, 16 Apr 2009

Hey, cheated backgrounds are better than no backgrounds XD. Plus it almost looks more realistic <.<.

Reply K.K., 16 Apr 2009

= = Almost? It's a real town in Germany...

User's Comments:

Reply BlackCatz, 29 Apr 2009

...looks like Siska will liven up things! XD

Yeah I know the anime you're referring to, K.K. It's a weird treatment I thought when I saw it for the first time, still it grows on you.

Anyway- I like the backgrounds- either hand-done or like this- both look good.

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