Chapter 12 - Page 24

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Reply Sol, 09 May 2009

Yeah, I wouldn't sleep either after seeing what Si saw on the last page (Man, I am SO EVIL!)

Blog on my trip on my next post, when I'm not so tired.

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Reply K.K., 10 May 2009

So you can all see that I finally fixed the background and header. I've actually been patching up layout with a couple of my sites, so may as well make it a clean sweep. It's still acting up in Internet Explorer though... so use Firefox =D

Seriously though, does anybody have any idea why it's acting weird in IE?

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Reply BlackCatz, 10 May 2009

Sol: you're evil. Truly evil.

K.K.: No idea why it's wacked out in IE.. my main 'net platform is Safari, and it looks fine to me. - I've got Firefox at work, so I'll check it there to see how you've got it set up.

Reply K.K., 11 May 2009

It'll work fine in both Safari and Firefox, since both are based on the original Netscape structure. Internet Explorer doesn't follow a lot of the basic conventions of coding, so compatibility is weird.

Reply BlackCatz, 11 May 2009

It's 7ish on Mon- and I'm over at my brother's to watch the game...he uses Internet Explorer, so I came by here to check it out- and you're right, K.K., it does look weird. Sorry I can't be of any help to you - I'm able to do basic coding in Safari and Firefox, and haven't done much in Internet Explorer.

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