Chapter 13 - Page 5

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Reply Sol, 04 Jun 2009

The bottom two panels is part of a flashback, just so you're aware.

The next while will be a flashback.

Next page we'll get to see Kratos' entire Elite squad. We'll be seeing a lot of Kratos in this Chapter.

Oh, and this is Shutendoji's first appearance since Chapter 5 XD.

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Reply K.K., 04 Jun 2009

Hahaha, Kratos is awesome.

In other news, Kratos is in the new Soul Calibur. Not like the crappy PS3 guest characters, at least (Yoda is the stupidest character ever - if they were making him "XBox Green," they shoulda just used Boba Fett...)

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Reply BlackCatz, 05 Jun 2009

Hi guys ~ miss me? XD crashed and burned last night :p (that's what I get for working 18 hours straight with no break... except for lunch and dinner ^^;;) so soon as I got home...zzz...

ooo! flashback time! :D

Reply Sol, 05 Jun 2009

Haha, I was wondering where you were XD.

18 hours? Geez, that's rough. I work 12 regularly, but I don't think I could do 18.

In other news, the artist for "Shall We Dance?" has been decided. It will be Oonie, former artist of Night of Fire. An absolutely superb artist. I'll post links when we get some pages up.

Reply BlackCatz, 05 Jun 2009 least I don't have to work 18 hours that often.. maybe once a month...scheduling problems at work. (we need to hire at least 2 more people, but don't have the budget to do so right now.. too bad the economy's tanking right now, so everyone pretty much have to do at least one 18 hour shift a month...oh well.. at least the extra cash doesn't hurt! :D

ooo! Oonie's the artist? Awesome! That's a major coup getting Oonie on board. Do make sure you let us know when it's up and running, and I'll zip along to fav... (after all, if it's Sol and Oonie.. it's dead cert... :D)

Reply BlackCatz, 06 Jun 2009

It's Saturday... and just noticed your new's awesome! @.@

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