Chapter 13 - Page 7

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Reply Sol, 09 Jun 2009

Slight reveal here. Maeva is Masai's sister.

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Reply Sol, 10 Jun 2009

400 Pages! Pages! We have so many pages!

400 PAGES!!!!!

(I wonder if someone got that reference...)

Reply K.K., 10 Jun 2009

Nobody even questions how Maeva and Masai are siblings despite the fact that their skin colors suggest they are from different races...

User's Comments:

Reply BlackCatz, 10 Jun 2009

400 pages? if you include all the chapter covers, fanarts, etc. yup, it's 400 pages *bone picking here :D*

Interesting... Masai and Maeva are sibs...

...and both have beefs with the Prowler clan..enough to become Demons?! Interesting...

Reply CPD, 10 Jun 2009

Hooray for 400 pages! How many are there gonna be in total?

Reply Sol, 10 Jun 2009

To be honest? I haven't a clue. I just write them up a chapter at a time. I have a general idea of how long it is, but no clue on the exact pages.

Reply BlackCatz, 10 Jun 2009

I considered adoption, or step-sibs!

I'm adopted, so I thought about that one :D

Reply Sol, 10 Jun 2009

Actually to be more precise, they are half-brother and sister. They have different mothers. Masai's mother was a different race.

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