Chapter 13 - Page 8

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Reply Sol, 11 Jun 2009

I'm going to be mostly unavailable for the next few days as I'll be attending Anime Evolution again this year in Vancouver.

I've already made arrangements to meet up with BlackCatz while I'm there, but if any other fan is in the area and would like to meet up with me, feel free to leave a comment and I'll see what I can do. I won't have a booth set up or anything though. Maybe one day when I have some volumes published of "Goddess Shariah" or "Shall We Dance?"

Oh, and for those wondering what I was referring to on the last page with the whole 400 thing, it was from Powerthirst (400 Babies!). (viewable on YouTube)

I'd post a link, but I don't have time right now.

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Reply Sol, 11 Jun 2009

For those looking for an update on "Shall We Dance?"'s status, it's being delayed a few weeks due to Oonie's ancient laptop causing her grief. She's ordered a new one, but until then she might get the site design done and might post some teaser pictures to get people's interest before we start.

Reply K.K., 12 Jun 2009

Powerthirst actually became a real drink, too. Well, something eerily close anyways.

I prefer the style of Mana Potion, honestly... though I never drink energy drinks.

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Reply amjam, 12 Jun 2009

You know who's hot? Maeva's hot

Hot like the new banner. I have the comic bookmarked so I didn't even notice the change since I wasn't visiting my favorites xD

Have fun at your convention!

Reply K.K., 12 Jun 2009

The fact that Maeva *is* really hot supports my "Kratos is a little off" theory

Reply BlackCatz, 12 Jun 2009

Blackberries are the best invention, or so this Catz thinks... I met up with Sol @! :D

Any others, do PM us both! :D

As for this page- neat! Guess we know what Maeva was to do? Don't we? *too tired to think*
She's hot? Not to me! :P now, the guys...purr.. :D

Reply Sol, 13 Jun 2009

*laughs* No, we don't really know what Maeva was assigned to, and it's not really important to the plot. So don't stress about it.

Btw, we will be seeing more of Maeva in this chapter as well.

Reply amjam, 14 Jun 2009

Hot like fire!

I'm a girl and I recognize that hotness =D Probably stole it from Kratos.

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