Chapter 13 - Page 11

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Reply Sol, 16 Jun 2009


Slight hint once again, this time about why Masai has a grudge against the Prowlers. You'll see more soon. Stay tuned for Saturday for a fanart by Oonie!

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Reply BlackCatz, 18 Jun 2009

...that's a hint? lol... that's tough being told that "no hard's just business!"...wonder just WHAT the Prowler clan did?!

(why do I put myself though this torture by Sol & K.K.? Ooh yeah, the story and the art is good...>.>)

ooo! a fanart by Oonie?! Drat you, Sol, for the torture... I think you enjoy doing that! *growls*

K.K... another avatar? this one is neat too.

Reply Oonie, 19 Jun 2009

*plays Mortal Kombat theme*

Ahahaha... it's really more of a scribble. XD;;; If I do one more big illustration on this laptop, I think it's going to blow up...

Also, I think that Prowler is very pretty. It's a pity she's about to die. :(

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