Chapter 13 - Page 12

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Reply Sol, 21 Jun 2009

Without realizing it, I ended up stealing the name "Maya" that I used here for a more important character in "Shall We Dance?" XD. Oh well. I wanted to use a name that was somewhat similar to Maeva.

Now you might be asking, "Sol, if the bottom panel was when Masai was still human, why are his eyes still yellow and why is he calling her Maeva when it was stated that it's not her real name?"

Well, he doesn't remember what he looked like or what his name or the name of his sister was (which was also established earlier in this chapter). So this is what the scene looks like in his memory.

So if it's not obvious by now, the Prowlers murdered Masai and Maeva.

And yes, that IS a flashback within a flashback XD.

This might be my last comment for awhile, as I will be in the process of moving and won't have internet for who knows how long in a day or two (depending on how long it takes the cable company to set up the internet in my new place). Though I may be able to comment when I'm at work.

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Reply BlackCatz, 21 Jun 2009


oh boy... so that's the beef Masai has with the Prowler clan.. they killed his sister..

*pets you* too bad about internet.. if you can't get on at work, Sol, you can get on at any library (and VPL's open until 9pm Monday to Thursday), and I know Burnaby Public Library is too... not too sure about your local...

Wow.. neato outfits on the Prowlers... XD

Reply K.K., 22 Jun 2009

Ninjas are supposed to be black + grey... Kat's just flashy

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