Chapter 13 - Page 13

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Reply K.K., 23 Jun 2009

Hmmm, Colored it a bit differently, but I don't think you can reeeaaally tell...

=_= oy, he looks bloody.

Yeah, I uploaded this in case Sol can't see his emails (with his moving and all) - but he'll probably comment soon enough anyways~

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Reply Sol, 24 Jun 2009

Well, just completed my move. Now it will probably be a month or so before I finish unpacking everything XD. I still have to get my good PC up and running again. I'm stuck on my almost 5 year old laptop for now.

I'm pretty tired XD. I don't really have much to say about this page, it's pretty self explanatory. As Catz said, this is where he starts to realize the folly of his revenge.

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Reply BlackCatz, 23 Jun 2009

Cant see any change anyway.. erk, bloody is right... so that's where Masai woke up to what he was doing...

As for Sol.. I'm sure he'll comment eventually >.< He's been around as much as I have today.. (don't ask how I

Reply Captain Ghost, 24 Jun 2009

-curses lack of internet-

You went to Vancouver? =x
that's like an hour awayyy e.e

Dang. In any case, keep up the good work =3

Reply BlackCatz, 24 Jun 2009

@ Captain Ghost: You're a local too? Wow..this comic seems to attract them! XD I only threw the bit in about VPL as I happen to work there so I knew the hours, and I also knew Burnaby Public Library's hours too, and most libraries in our neck of the woods seem to match one another asofar to hours open... XD (and no, I didn't see Sol in person today...only online)

Reply Sol, 24 Jun 2009

O.o. If you saw me online today, then that's kind of creepy, seeing as how I JUST got internet back now.

You're local, Ghost? You should have gone to AE, we could have met up or something XD.

Vancouver's like an hour away for me too by bus (well, it was, not sure how long it takes now) but I go there all the time since that's where I work.

Reply Captain Ghost, 25 Jun 2009

Yup, quite local :3

well... close enough, in any case x)

Might've gone to AE if I'd have known. I don't really have consistent net right now thogh, and I've never been to an event like that before o.o

But anyway, sweet. it's always fun to find people who live nearby =o

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