Chapter 13 - Page 14

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Reply K.K., 25 Jun 2009


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Reply Sol, 26 Jun 2009

Haha, yeah, Kat makes a brief return as we finally start getting to see the truth behind Kat Prowler.

I'm soooo tired... and I'm back at work working 8 PM to 8 AM... I have no idea how I'm going to stay awake all night, especially with a 1.5 hour commute...

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Reply BlackCatz, 25 Jun 2009

... I see what you mean by flashy, K.K. Compared to the other Prowlers, she's a bird of paradise! XD

Reply CPD, 26 Jun 2009

I wish Kat wasn't dead. <:/

Reply BlackCatz, 26 Jun 2009

Is Kat REALLY dead? I'm a little suspicious about that one, knowing Sol's odd little quirk for throwing in twists...Besides, it wasn't Kai who killed her but Stephanie, and did Stephanie have that extra mojo to finish off Kat for good and all? ^^

@ Sol: Bummer, 8pm to 8 am? That bites. If I work nights (I sometimes do you know), I drink a ton of milk >.> Coffee puts me to sleep, but milk keeps me awake and wired! lol Some of my friends who work the same shift swear by those booster drinks, so you could try those until you get used to the new shifts? 1.5 hours travel time? Now I'm feeling guilty.. it only takes me 30 to 45 min to get to work by transit or 1.5 hours if I walk... >.<

Reply K.K., 26 Jun 2009

You guys can be more interested in the fact that Kratos forced Masai to "retrieve the body and give it to Sichondrious"

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