Chapter 13 - Page 15

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Reply K.K., 28 Jun 2009

Kat's parents! They're pretty cool looking, so it sucks that they're bit characters. Kat's mom is the kage (Naruto-speak...) + Red is apparently the "royal color"

Must make her the Hokage then?

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Reply Sol, 28 Jun 2009

When I see K.K. pull something like this off, I'm reminded of how much I fail at character design XD. They DO look pretty cool for characters who don't even have proper names XD.

For those not understanding what Kratos means by "having to clean up after him" he means that he had to kill all of the Prowlers that Masai spared or passed by.

More plugging of "Shall We Dance?" <.<. It's officially started now, and Oonie came out with an insane chapter cover. One of the best I've ever seen. Take a look!

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Reply BlackCatz, 28 Jun 2009

Wow.. Kat's parents look so awesome *is in awe at K.K.'s rendering of them*...

so Kat's Royal? Hmm.. interesting...

@ Sol: Yeah, I saw the cover, It's sooo awesome! Man, Oonie's sooo talented! envyenvyenvy... the rest of you, go! Check it out! (if you haven't already, that is!)

Reply K.K., 28 Jun 2009

Their hair is awesome... I'm bummed that they're not gonna be recurring.

Reply Captain Ghost, 29 Jun 2009

For some reason...

I really, really, really, REALLY like this page o.o

hmmm... keep it up. ^^

Reply Pandachu, 29 Jun 2009

Oooo~ I'm diggin' Kat's Back story...can't wait for more! QwQ

Reply the being, 29 Jun 2009

okay.... could someone PLEASE tell me how to listen to the audio track?
i'm on the first page of ch.6 (page 2 actually)and i clicked on the "audio track" link, but it brought me to this site, and i couldn't find anything that delt with TLS...
this has frusturated me to quite the extent. please help.

Reply Oonie, 29 Jun 2009

I see where Kat gets her good looks from; her father's especially handsome. ;D

Man, the characters who die in comics/movies are always the ones I like or begin to like. =_=

And Kat's royalty?! That's an interesting revelation... o.o She didn't act much like one in the scenes we saw her last, except maybe during the part where she had Kai carry all of her things. XD;;;

Reply Sol, 29 Jun 2009

@ the being: Urrgh. It appears that something happened to my host, Putfile. It now forwards to Ebaum's World for some reason. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, I'll have to fix that when I have time.

And yep, she's a Princess. And the reason why she didn't really act like one was because she was in disguise, somewhat.

@ Oonie: Haha, I didn't even give them proper descriptions, I just let K.K. do whatever with them. And I do have a nasty habit of killing characters for the sake of plot :P.

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