Chapter 13 - Page 17

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Reply K.K., 29 Jun 2009

Next couple of pages are really more cinematic... expect big pictures and plodddddding storyline?

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Reply Sol, 29 Jun 2009

Kat's last words that she was trying to say were "F-forgive me... I was only trying to... save them..." She was unable to say those last two words though (or more accurately, I didn't have her say them to keep you readers in the dark XD)

So we learn the reason why she went up against Kai.

And before anybody questions why she accepts so easily, think of her situation and ask yourself, "would I do the same thing?" The answer would most likely be yes.

K.K. made me a new avatar. Yay! I was getting kind of sick of the old one XD.

User's Comments:

Reply BlackCatz, 02 Jul 2009

... I think I'd do the same to save my parents.. still to face someone on the level of Kai..I doubt if I could now with that weak hip of mine.. ^^;;

I noticed your new avatar yesterday when I dropped by to see if there were any comments from the others about Kat dying.. XD It's awesome!

Reply Sol, 02 Jul 2009

Haha, she wasn't really dying, Kratos just had her pinned against the wall.

Reply Ninja Fox, 04 Jul 2009

I would also accept if I were in her position. I almost wish that she had been able to defeat Kai.

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