Chapter 13 - Page 18

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Reply K.K., 29 Jun 2009

Damn that Soul Edge...

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Reply Sol, 29 Jun 2009

*laughs* OK, I admit, The Manipulator may have been somewhat influenced by Soul Edge, though I had only played Soul Calibur 2 before I came up with this sword.

But yeah, this is one of The Manipulator's powers. He can remove shards from it that he can implant in people to make them stronger. It can also influence their mind as well. But as Kratos said, it only really works on strong people like Kat.

There is something a bit interesting here that's a bit subtle. Not quite as subtle as something Kratos said after Kat's defeat that I don't think anyone picked up on, but still subtle. I'll give you a hint. Try to take into context when this flashback is taking place. Actually, there's another subtle tidbit as well but I'm not going to give any hints on that.

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Reply BlackCatz, 05 Jul 2009

*shivers* Poor Kat...ugh, what a trade off.. pain and contract killing for saving her parents' lives...

hm.. hints...? *begins to think furiously*... sometimes I have to admit, I hate you sometimes, Sol.. for those dark hints! lol...

Reply Sol, 05 Jul 2009

Haha, I know, I'm evil with my subtle foreshadowing XD.

Reply CPD, 06 Jul 2009

Good page. I never would have guessed that she was forced to fight Kai. She acted a little too happy at the time.

Reply Sol, 06 Jul 2009

@CPD: There's a reason for this, which I will explain in a few pages.

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