Chapter 13 - Page 19

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Reply K.K., 29 Jun 2009

There was supposed to be a third panel... but this had more ~gravitas.~ I'll just throw the panel into the next page =D

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Reply Sol, 29 Jun 2009

Definitely a cinematic looking page. Now we know where those red eyes came from.

User's Comments:

Reply CPD, 07 Jul 2009

Lucky! I want red eyes.

Reply Oonie, 08 Jul 2009

Ooohh... Kat looks really pretty in the last panel. I prefer her with red eyes. :} The aura surrounding her in the first panel looks nice, too!

Reply BlackCatz, 08 Jul 2009

Wow guys ~ this is a strong page visually... wow...

I'm tired already! today's the 16 hour shift from hell for me... so if you guys don't hear from me by Friday afternoon, I'm most likely asleep! XD

Reply Captain Ghost, 08 Jul 2009

Ooh, very nice =o

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