Chapter 13 - Page 21

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Reply K.K., 30 Jun 2009

Kratos, that's cold.

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Reply Sol, 30 Jun 2009

This is what Masai meant when he said to Kratos "Maybe she realized the truth.", when Kratos questioned why she let herself be defeated. The truth being that her parents were already dead.

This is another reason why Kratos has earned the title of "The Manipulator"

This is the last page of the flashback. I hoped you enjoyed it.

CPD was wondering "If Kat was forced to fight Kai, why did she seem so happy about it?"

The answer: Well, it could be two reasons. In order to win, she couldn't afford to hesitate and had to act like it was just another job. The other reason is that she wanted to be stopped. If she acted like someone who was being forced to fight, then someone may have picked up on it and try to talk her out of it. In the end, it was stated by Kratos, it was "like she wanted to be stopped." This being because she may have realized the truth, that even if she killed Kai, it would not save her parents or likely even her life.

User's Comments:

Reply CPD, 13 Jul 2009

Those theories makes sense.

And of course the bad guy (Kratos) lies and kills the parents anyways. I wish one of these evil doers would actually keep a promise. :/

Reply Sol, 13 Jul 2009

Haha, he's just bitter. About what? Well, you'll have to wait and see ;).

Reply BlackCatz, 13 Jul 2009

that's truly cold. freezing, even.

that could very well be why Kat was so happy when she was fighting could be that she knew about her parents, but there's also one thing.. she probably hated having all the power forced into her you know... a true follower of the martial arts would be, we're taught basically from day one that power is to be earned, not given or taken. So a part of Kat could've felt that about the power forced onto her by Kratos wasn't properly earned, so felt disgraced in her own eyes, so was happy about dying at Kai/Stephanie's hands... but that's just me XD

Reply Oonie, 14 Jul 2009

I really like how sinister Kratos looks in that last panel... Now -that's- the look of a guy you don't want to cross.

I also agree with Catz' comment – like she said, martial artists put a lot of emphasis on rigorous training and self-discipline to improve their physical/inner strength, so I can't imagine how much shame Kat felt when she (unwillingly) accepted that power.

Poor girl... this story's getting really tragic. There better be happier scenes coming up. ;_;

Reply Sol, 14 Jul 2009

I plan on making Chapter 15 light hearted. Chapter 14 isn't sad either, in fact it should be quite interesting.

As for the training thing, it kind of reminds me of what Stephanie told Kai awhile back, where Kai had lost confidence in his own skill and relied too heavily on the power given to him by the souls, which is why she forbade him from using the Soul Blade again. Kai's actually gotten stronger since then because he's regained his confidence.

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