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Reply Sol, 18 Aug 2009

Now is when we find out just how much Maeva means to Kratos. Will Kratos even care that Si is holding her hostage?

When the Zombie Apocalypse arrives, Humans will be wiped out. It is now a scientific fact!

You'd think scientists would have something better to do...

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Reply K.K., 18 Aug 2009

T___T Makes me sad to be Canadian... Such a short sighted view. Hitting them hard and often is a stupid thing to do unless you're Bruce Campbell. It's better to go with precise guerrilla strikes since only shots to the head actually stop zombies. A massive offensive would likely result in far too many people getting in each others' way, leading to more infective bites and friendly fire.

Rules for surviving zombies:

1) always run in straight lines between destinations (if they're slow zombies,they won't keep up; fast zombies would get you even if you zigzag anyways)

2) run to areas with a lot of supplies and limited entry points (grocery store would be ideal)

3) have precision firearms (you don't want to get too close, and you want something that'll hit them in the head if you aim for it) - in a grocery store, I would suggest being friends with the security guard (or stealing a gun, if it's like a Wal-Mart or something?) - good alternatives are sports equipment (baseball bats especially, but anything sturdy that can take a head off a rotting neck) or hunting gear (crossbows?!)

4)plan things out - if you panic, it's no good. Zombies aren't terribly clever, being the walking undead and possessing not much in the way of working brainpower.

5) Trap them somewhere hot - they'll rot faster. Trapping them outside in the elements is good, too, so lock yourself in if you're somewhere safe.

6) Have backup supplies of water, (and electricity if you can manage it). If trapped at home when a zombie outbreak occurs, get as much water as you can out of the faucets and store it somewhere in case the Zombies destroy water channels. Not much you can do about storing electricity though.

7) protect as many people as you can. At the very least, they can serve as a human shield.

And finally, try to get trapped with a hot katana wielding senpai. (link not for children!)

For more tips for surviving a zombie invasion, I would suggest watching a lot of zombie movies, or other alien invasion movies (like The Mist or I Am Legend) From what I gather, most people end up dying because they panic and start fighting amongst themselves - probably the director's way of making a commentary on humanity, but to be safe, it's probably best to play nice.

Reply K.K., 18 Aug 2009

Hahaha, I should write a book.

Or maybe just point out one

*Weird that the embedded links don't work on non-author comments....

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Reply Captain Ghost, 18 Aug 2009

quite amusing you guys would bring up zombies-- as there is a zombie event going on at the RP site I frequent XD

-noms on brains-


mmm, I don't know how much Kratos will care for Maeva >>; I figure not much, but I guess I could definitely be wrong.

Reply BlackCatz, 18 Aug 2009

You guys...

Still, gotta agree with you about the Canadian thing >.>

K.K. you also forgot a good source for bladed weapons... a dojo. The dojo I go to has quite a few of them.. (live steel too!)

I sometimes think our current government is run by an army of them >.>

Reply K.K., 19 Aug 2009

I'd guess a dojo would have less in the way of supplies (food, water, etc). Really, home + store would be best, since in a worst case scenario, you can wait for the zombies to simply get beaten by the sun.

Reply Gymgee, 19 Aug 2009

Aren't these scientists the same ones who decided that climate change was something more than a natural cycle? Since the climatic trend switched from warming to cooling two years ago, they haven't come up with an explanation for that, so they decided to study zombies. I guess since General Electric bought themselves a government with one myth, now they are trying to get more government subsidies for their CE Johnson subsidiary, to develop anti-zombie drugs.

I think

Reply BlackCatz, 19 Aug 2009

... you don't know the sensei that runs my dojo.. he's one of those guys who over prepare for stuff (you know Vancouver's in a high risk for a earthquake at some point?) well, the dojo has about 4 months worth of supplies for the average class of 30. My class has only 4, as most don't get to our level.

so in the event of a zombie attack, I'd pick my dojo, thanks. We even have a stock of bows and arrows.. and 2 floors.. so we can blow out some windows and do distance shooting if we have to xD

Reply K.K., 19 Aug 2009

@Gymgee: This summer did not make me feel any better about global warming...

Lulz, I love how you're turning GE into the Umbrella Corporation.

@BlackCatz: XD Your dojo sounds awesome. When the zombie invasion comes, you guys should put up a giant "AntiZombie HQ" sign and protect the innocent - like the Justice League

Reply Ninja Fox, 19 Aug 2009

Robert Smith? Who has a question mark in their surname? xD
That article made me giggle.

Sorry Maeva, I don't think flattery will work on a guy who's idea of a good time is to slaughter a group of people.

Reply BlackCatz, 19 Aug 2009

*tries to picture my kitty self in a silly outfit like those in the Justice League ~ and fails*

haha, I think we'll just do without the innocents thanks.. they'd only confuse the situation more, and perhaps lead to some infighting, when we should be focusing on the zombie menace.

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