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Middle Finger of Justice!

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Reply Sol, 23 Aug 2009

More Foreshadowing! I was going to use my title as the alt text, but I couldn't pass up K.K.'s version :P.

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Reply K.K., 23 Aug 2009

So, I've been actually working on changing my desktop the past 2 days. Tweaking Windows Vista is a pain in the butt (I have no desire to go and get Windows 7, though...) It would have been a lot easier had I known which programs to use, and if I wasn't so picky about placement (had to keep dragging the widgets to the right places)

Anyways, this is what I ended up with.

The Wallpaper is a pic of Senjougahara from Bakemonogatari (Gho[st]ory). The note on the right is the lyrics from "Ice Queen" by Within Temptation. The circles at the top measure time, RAM, SWAP, CPU usage, HDD space, Power Usage, and probably other stuff, like network connection strength. It's off of Rainmeter, and I tweaked some stuff (like where the shortcut bar links to, and the sizes of text/color). Then I installed a theme called NOOTO, so the windows bars and start menu are a nice dark grey/black color. Firefox is also skinned to be in black and white, MSN Messenger is skinned to a Senjougahara (Bakemonogatari) theme, and the login screen shows Koyomi's sister's from Bakemonogatari. All in all, very satisfying.

Now I'm kind of curious as to what Sol's original Alt Text was going to be.

Reply Sol, 23 Aug 2009

*laughs* this is why I will NEVER be able to compare to the Otaku that is K.K. Awesome layout there!

And my alt text would have been the title of my last comment (More Foreshadowing!) which didn't compare with yours at all :P.

User's Comments:

Reply BlackCatz, 23 Aug 2009

Siska... *head down on desk, laughing*

Man, K.K... you sure come up with awesome alt text stuff xD

Edit: O.O I can't believe your layout; K.K. That's so extreme ~

Reply Django, 24 Aug 2009

I see improvement with the speechbubbles. 8D

And your desktop layout, KK... Do you live in the same city as me? O_O;

Reply Captain Ghost, 24 Aug 2009

oh wow XD
I wasn't sure if I believed what I was seeing there for a sec.
Siska, ... no comment XD

And, awesome desktop o____o -drools-

Reply K.K., 24 Aug 2009

@ Django: If you live in the Greater Vancouver region, then yes?

Reply Sol, 24 Aug 2009

@K.K.: technically it's called the "Metro Vancouver" area now :P.

Huh, we seem to have quite a few local fans.

Reply BlackCatz, 24 Aug 2009

you guys must attract the local fans or something.. xD

Reply Django, 25 Aug 2009

Huh... really. Well, technically, I don't live there. My grandma does. I live in the neighbouring city. But since it's pretty much off the map (save for the fact that we have a huge mall), we tend to say that we live in Vancouver.

Reply Sol, 25 Aug 2009

Judging from your description, I'd guess that you live in Richmond. Am I right?

I'm in the Delta region myself.

Reply BlackCatz, 25 Aug 2009

I'm from the North Shore region XD

Reply Captain Ghost, 25 Aug 2009

-waves Islander flag- |3

Reply Django, 26 Aug 2009

@ Sol: Really? You too? And nope, not in Richmond. People know Richmond more than my city. Richmond has a lot of Asian malls... I'm talking about the Metrotown mall.

Reply BlackCatz, 26 Aug 2009

Then, Django, you must hail from Burnaby ^^

I went to high school in Burnaby myself... even though I lived (and still do) in the North Shore region.

Reply Django, 28 Aug 2009

Woah... small world. Seriously. I completely didn't expect this.

lol, and yes. Burnaby. Home to Metrotown, second biggest mall in Canada. Woot. lol

Reply Sol, 28 Aug 2009

My company monitors their fire system :P. That mall gets way too many fire alarms -_-. (I work in monitoring)

Oh, and my Aunt used to live in Burnaby too. I take the train past Metrotown every day when I go to work (good ol' Expo Line)

Reply Django, 28 Aug 2009

lol, the Canada line is shiny. But it makes me feel like I'm in another country.

I realize it does. There are so many times, where the alarms are blaring and everyone's just walking around normally as if nothing's wrong.

Reply Sol, 28 Aug 2009

It helps that the fire department is like, right across the street from them :P.

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