Chapter 14 - Page 1

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Coming to a comic store near you!

Author's Comments:

Reply Sol, 27 Aug 2009

Disclaimer TLS is not actually coming to a comic book store near you, nor are any mysterious pasts actually revealed in this chapter. (that was more last chapter :P)

Nevertheless, this chapter should still be interesting. For what reason? Well, I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise ;).

I laughed quite a bit when I saw this cover XD.

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Reply K.K., 27 Aug 2009

I had uploaded it too, but Sol went and deleted it, and uploaded it himself...

And there ARE mysterious pasts revealed! Sort of! Or at the very least, more mysterious pasts' dragged into the damn mess.

This was a fun page to do. Even if it's nothing like what Sol was expecting.

User's Comments:

Reply BlackCatz, 27 Aug 2009

Man, K.K... you've really outdone yourself on this cover.. it's awesome.

With Sol's writing, I'm pretty certain there will be some 'mysterious past' sneaking into the chapter somewhere, somehow.. :P

Reply CPD, 28 Aug 2009

Aw, I got excited for a second. Nice page though. Made me laugh.

Reply amjam, 28 Aug 2009

Great cover, this looks awesome. (I just noticed K.K.'s new icon MOVES, too, that's pretty slick)
Darn about TLS not being on the newsstand though!

Reply K.K., 30 Aug 2009

Heads up, guys, the next comic is likely going to be a bit late


Anywhoo... It'll probably be up soonish, but you may want to just check back tomorrow to be safe~

Reply LS (Guest), 30 Jul 2010

One dollar? Man, what a ripoff!

Anyways, I can't even remember how I found this comic in the first place, but I've zipped through the archives up to here. I still have a quarter or so to go, however. The art's awesome and the plot's intriguing, and now I'm just going to shut up and read.

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