3 Years and Counting!

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Celene, Maeva and Nether not included-

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Reply K.K., 01 Sep 2009

On 9/9/09 (3x3 3 times) is The Lone Swordsman's 3 year anniversary! JUST AS WE PLANNED.

Launched at 9pm for the hell of it.

So, here's Stephanie, Siska and (OMG) Kat in alternate outfits~

Well, not exactly "alternate"... it MIGHT be concept art. But Sol's keeping stuff under wraps for now.

When Sol informs me of characters, he usually gives a vague description of how they're dressed (and sketches, if he's got them). But now I have full control of what these outfits look like, so mwahahaha!

I really like Stephanie's outfit. Siska's is a ver.2 (I killed ver.1, so nobody but Sol and I are going to know what it looked like). Just like the first time I drew Siska, heh, she just needed to be re-done. I like her new one though - goggles are befitting of the girl genius, and I like the twintails.

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Reply Sol, 01 Sep 2009

And it even falls on an update day this year, heh.

3 years... wow time seems to fly. I was kind of discussing that with CPD, because on September 10th, it will be Goddess Shariah's 1 year anniversary.

I must say, I love these outfits. Way better than anything I could come up with.

Reply K.K., 02 Sep 2009

It's actually posted on a Wednesday, which sets it a bit different (since normally we update on a Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday schedule due to West/East coast differences) so we've essentially given you all a free comic w/o interrupting the story flow.

The difference between outfits that Sol and I come up with is that when I'm choosing the color palette, there's more monochrome (a lot of white and black) while Sol tends to splash a lot of color and darker shades in. For me, color tends to only be an accent. I tend to use simple combinations, too, so there's less chance of a multicolored nightmare

The characters I had a large hand in designing without restriction are Kat and her family. You can go look at their color schemes and see what I mean.

User's Comments:

Reply Captain Ghost, 09 Sep 2009

Wow, three years! Quite the milestone, congrats :3

May you have more years [...depending on the length of your story, that is o0] of success! 8D

Reply BlackCatz, 09 Sep 2009

Congrats, guys on 3 great years!!! Here's to more!! xD

@ welly_16: >///<
Thanks for your kind compliement on the previous page. I'm glad you appreciate my taste in comics, which, I must admit is a tad on the electic side >.>

Reply CPD, 10 Sep 2009

Damn, 3 years!? Let's make it 4 now!

Reply Oonie, 12 Sep 2009

Way to go on 3 years! Now that's real dedication! :D Also, nice job on the image, I love the way Stephanie looks. ^^

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