Chapter 14 - Page 5

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Hey, Masai!  Your village called!

Author's Comments:

Reply Sol, 06 Sep 2009

Siska and Masai go at it again.

Have you figured out what Siska is getting at here? If you're in the dark like Masai here, then it will be explained next page.

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Reply K.K., 06 Sep 2009

New shading style, again...

User's Comments:

Reply BlackCatz, 07 Sep 2009

*takes a moment to enjoy Siska and Masai's usual argument*

*shakes head, snaps back to reality*

Lemme guess, the demon Kratos was once the famous human merc, Black Demon?

Reply K.K., 07 Sep 2009

*Looks again*

Hmm... it IS the same argument, isn't it. Mebbe I should just change the text bubbles, and not bother redrawing it ^^"

I was tempted to draw this as a 4koma. It gives off that vibe.

Reply BlackCatz, 07 Sep 2009

yeah, it does sound like a 4koma... ^^;

still, I like your new shading style, looks really nice! :D

Reply Lite Side o' d Force, 26 Nov 2009

Awww, they must be in wuuuuuuv...

Sorry, couldn't resist. ^_^

Reply Sol, 27 Nov 2009

@Lite Side: *laughs* oh man, this is really funny to me. I'll mention why when we get there in a few pages XD.

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