Chapter 14 - Page 13

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Kai Ren vs. Celene Archer, Round 1...Fight!

Author's Comments:

Reply Sol, 13 Sep 2009

That's right, Celene Archer vs. Kai Ren!

I've been waiting to do this fight ever since I came up with Celene Archer. It's a pretty big fight too, so I hope you all like it.

This is also the most screen time Celene has ever received in a chapter XD.

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Reply K.K., 16 Sep 2009

Let the Celene games begin!

No Hercule here.

User's Comments:

Reply Captain Ghost, 24 Sep 2009

Holy geez o>O

Reply BlackCatz, 24 Sep 2009

O.o I was not expecting THAT twist... kudos, Sol....

*settles in to watch with some popcorn*

Reply to last page... *headdesk* why didn't I even think of Lando?? And I even sat through all 3 of the original trilogy recently to boot ^^; You got me there, K.K. *arrow hit*

Reply Sol, 25 Sep 2009

@Catz: If you think THAT was a twist, you ain't seen nothing yet ;).

I'm kind of glad I was able to surprise people with this page. I thought it was going to be obvious based on Celene's line on the last page.

Reply BlackCatz, 26 Sep 2009

@ Sol: You're a master at cryptic. I didn't even get Celene's last line on the last page.. so that's why I didn't expect this. ^^

AND I just noticed the new banner you guys have.. it's awesome!

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