Chapter 14 - Page 19

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What does the scouter say?!

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Reply K.K., 18 Sep 2009

Further proof that Si = Vegeta.

With Sunglasses.

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Reply Sol, 18 Sep 2009

haha, I was just thinking the same thing after I put the page up.

We seem to be making a lot of DBZ references lately :P

Reply K.K., 20 Sep 2009

Big part of our childhoods, I guess. I still really enjoy the Great Saiyaman / Videl arcs. It's great watching a "normal" person get sucked into the crazy DBZ world.

DBZ is awesome.I have to say, I love DBKai as well - FINALLY, DBZ without 10 episodes of "powering up" filler. It's incredible how fast it goes.

User's Comments:

Reply Captain Ghost, 08 Oct 2009

Ahaha... I didn't watch all that much DBZ [just got to be too much random yelling for me at some point... that and hockey placed in around cartoon time =/= keeping up at all]

but I do remember the Great Saiyaman.
Oh man xD<3

Ahh, poor Si :P

Reply BlackCatz, 09 Oct 2009

haha.. poor Si ;P

DBZ ~ I've a lot of the DVDs ^^;

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