Chapter 14 - Page 24

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Reply Sol, 21 Sep 2009

I love Siska's "Jack-of-all-Stupid" line here <.<.

For those going, "But wait, it's looked like Kai has had the upper hand the whole time!" you'd be wrong. All Kai has been able to do is thwart Celene's attacks thus far. But Kai hasn't been able to thwart Celene's defenses at all either.

Thus, watching them, it would definitely seem like they are even. What's the true difference that Masai knows about though?

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Reply BlackCatz, 21 Oct 2009

Gaaah! There you go again, Sol...with the dark hints and're loving this, aren't you? ^^;

Hm. I like that line of Siska's too..I may use it sometime in RL *ponders on a likely victim*

On a side note, Sol, did you know AE is at UBC in 2010 and that Early Bird registration opens in November 2009? I'm going to pre-reg this year as I lost one of my jobs last month, so I'm gonna go as cheap as I can :D Don't worry, I'm looking for another job...hope it goes well ;D

Reply Sol, 21 Oct 2009

@BlackCatz: I did know that it was at UBC this year. I was slightly disappointed by that, as I loved the VCC, and UBC was a bit of a disaster last time. Hopefully it will be better though, since they will have more time to prepare. I just remember that some of those rooms weren't nearly big enough to seat everyone though, especially the Opening/Closing ceremonies and the AMV Contest (I know the AMV Contest doesn't really apply to you, but I quite enjoy watching it.)

Every year I plan on pre-reging, and every year I end up buying my pass at the door ^_^;;;.

P.S. Yes, I am loving this. But I'm way behind on Chapter 15 >.<. It's a bit more challenging to write than a usual chapter, which is what's causing me trouble. You'll see why when we get to it. It should be interesting though. I should hopefully have it finished soonish.

Reply Xweetke, 22 Oct 2009

+ fan! Interesting story you got there!
I've read this in one whole untill this page.... it's now 12.30 am -__-' why am I always doing this to myself?
Anyway I'm really curious about what is going to happen next =D

Reply Sol, 22 Oct 2009

Glad you're liking it so far! Looks like we're still not long enough yet that you can't get through it in one sitting, haha. Makes me wonder when you started though, I haven't really timed how long it takes in awhile.

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