Chapter 14 - Page 25

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Reply Sol, 21 Sep 2009

Masai actually seems smart lately XD. He's actually very knowledgeable about fighting. Too bad that's the only thing he IS knowledgeable about :P.

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Reply K.K., 21 Sep 2009

He's also knowledgeable about eyebrow shaving.

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Reply BlackCatz, 23 Oct 2009 Kai can outlast

You guys, thanks for the chuckle ;D

@Sol: Yeah, UBC...I remember too ^^; Oh well.. the forums did say that the same team who worked on 2009's AE are back to do 2010, so things may be better, since they have experience and know how to work together ... we'll see ;D

Reply Xweetke, 23 Oct 2009

@ Sol
I sure hope that this comic won't be over that quick!
Eeh... I didn't check the time when I started... let's say about uhm... 2 hours or something like that XD

Reply Sol, 23 Oct 2009

@Xweetke: Huh? I think you may have misinterpreted me or something XD. This comic is FAR from done.

2 hours? Hmmm, shorter than I expected. Oh well.

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