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Reply Sol, 21 Sep 2009

Truth is, Celene distrusts most people, men especially. Aven is one of the few men she trusts, which is why she has the change of heart here.

Now that she knows that Kai is Aven's vessel, she'll most likely be treating him a lot differently.

So, the last member of the group joins. Yes, I might as well say it now, Celene is the final hero. Will this mean we'll see more of Celene in the future? Oh, probably more often, but this chapter is probably one of her biggest screen times in the series within one chapter, since almost the whole chapter revolved around her.

Actually, that's not true. She has one scene far later on that has bigger screen time. But I'm getting ahead of myself there.

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Reply K.K., 21 Sep 2009

Letsee, there was supposed to be 7...

Kai... Si Siske... Stephanie... Siska... Masai... Celene... Kat...? Damn well better be Kat.

Sol could be mean and kill off half of them though.

... I wonder if Zell is evil then.

Reply Sol, 30 Sep 2009

Origins of Celene Archer I did this segment with Kat before, so I thought I'd do it with Celene as well.

I always had the idea that Kai would meet the last surviving Angel. However, in the early version of TLS, kind of like Kat, the original version of "Celene" was a guy. That Angel was a minor character though, and would have given his final message to Kai before dying, having fought as best as he could against the Demons on Earth.

However, shortly after starting this comic, sometime into Chapter 1, I still had some of my friends reading this comic on a regular basis (I find it kind of sad that none of my friends actually read any of my comics, but c'est la vie), who knew how a lot of Part 1 went. So I decided to throw in a curve ball and come up with some brand new characters. Celene Archer and Nether were these new characters.

Considering Celene wasn't in the original version of TLS, I'd say I managed to integrate her quite well into the plot. When I came up with Celene, I wanted it to be another hero character, and decided to expand on that last surviving angel idea I had. And then I decided I wanted her to appear in Part 1 somewhere, and that I wanted her to be female, since there was WAY too many male characters in Part 1.

Anyways, that's a bit of how Celene came to be.

Reply Sol, 28 Oct 2009

@K.K.: Actually, Sypher is the 7th.

Reply K.K., 30 Oct 2009

Dammit... T___T I don't really like Sypher. I think I'm in the minority on that one

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Reply BlackCatz, 02 Nov 2009

Why does everyone, the artist included, forget Sypher?

I like the little guy ^_^

The stuff you said about Celene, Sol, sounded really interesting, and I think you did a good job fitting her in.

On a side note, guys, did you have a good Halloween? My night was quite quiet, spent it mostly watching horror movies (I think the japanese horror is much scarier than the north american horror, don't you think? ;D)..and handing out candy. ^_^

Reply Django, 03 Nov 2009

lol... I like Sypher. =D

Reply K.K., 03 Nov 2009

@ BlackCatz: I always forget Sypher 'cuz Sypher is uselessssss

Halloween was kind of boring... just watched horror movies all night. Asian horror movies are scarier because they go for atmosphere and usually end with the concept of "everyone suffers, deserved or not" while in North American ones, it's usually the concept of "you did something wrong so you're going to get a horrible end" - it's not as scary because half the time you're rooting for the monster in those.

Reply Sol, 03 Nov 2009

@BlackCatz: Nothing too interesting for myself either, though this was the first year in a long time that I've had trick or treaters. It was kind of nice having it off, too. I worked the last two Halloweens.

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