Chapter 15 - Page 1

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Based on a popular D.Gray-man image

Author's Comments:

Reply K.K., 30 Oct 2009

Holy crap this took a long time to do...

I'm not sure why, but stylistically, it looks a bit different than normal... I really like it though. But then, I love all the title pages - they're a lot more fun to do than regular comic pages.

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Reply Sol, 31 Oct 2009

This chapter was a bit of a pain to write. Mainly because this chapter is a bunch of small scenes mixed together, and I knew what I wanted to happen in the scenes, but I was trying to figure out what order to put them in so it would flow right.

That, and I've hardly had any time to write as I've been insanely busy with my new puppy. I had to cheat a little and write the rest of this at work to meet the deadline. I only just finished writing this a few days ago at the time I'm writing this (the 31st).

Anyways, we're down to the last three chapters of Part 2.

Oh yeah, just a warning, the next page is probably going to be pretty graphic and gory.

Reply K.K., 01 Nov 2009


It is...? *shrug* iz a'ight I guess. Gory-ish. Maybe some blood...

User's Comments:

Reply BlackCatz, 05 Nov 2009

As always, K.K.; your cover pages are really enjoyable to look at...and this is no exception.

The upcoming chapter sounds interesting ;D

Looking forward to seeing what you two come up with ~

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