Chapter 15 - Page 3

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Hell is for lovers?

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Reply K.K., 07 Nov 2009

I missed Maeva.

Apparently, Kratos has pure black silk sheets. Egyptian-blend?! How bourgeoisie

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Reply Sol, 07 Nov 2009

This is but one of many events that caused Kratos to become the way he is (Rhiannon's brutal murder.) That was technically only half of the note though. It says more (on the other side, I guess?) though you won't know all that it says for awhile. Well, I say awhile, but it will be about... I'm estimating Chapter 19. It does kind of give you a hint though.

And yes, that was written in Rhiannon's blood.

For those who have forgotten, Rhiannon was Kratos' fiance. Nether mentioned it just before Kat turned on Kai.

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Reply BlackCatz, 12 Nov 2009

ooo! some questions answered? How unusual.

Reply Sol, 13 Nov 2009

@BlackCatz: Questions answered? I suppose, though I think I'm giving you more questions than I am giving you answers here, heh.

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