Chapter 15 - Page 5

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A wall around the heart

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Reply K.K., 12 Nov 2009

I love this pic. Maeva and Kratos are so close yet so far.

If it's not readily apparent, Kratos left the room, and is now in the hallway outside. There's a door between them right now.

This is the end of the Kratos' flashback. New arc coming up next.

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Reply Sol, 13 Nov 2009

Technically only the first scene was a flashback, but yeah, this is the last of Kratos for this Chapter.

I really wanted to show more of Kratos' other side this chapter. I hope you enjoyed that little side scene.

K.K. ended up adding Maeva there (she wasn't in the original version of this page that I wrote) but I quite like it, because the door separating them represents quite a few things, some of which K.K. already mentioned in his author comment and in the Alt Text.

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Reply BlackCatz, 15 Nov 2009

This is quite moving, guys...really moving. D:

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