Chapter 15 - Page 8

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Reply K.K., 15 Nov 2009

An excuse to draw in a more cartoonish style~

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Reply Sol, 15 Nov 2009

Hehe, I love their expressions.

If you think about it, Kai's statement is totally true <.<.

Haha, I love K.K.'s Excel Saga reference in the Alt text XD.

Reply Sol, 22 Nov 2009

Challenge Me! Here's something I thought I'd try, though I'm not sure how much response I'll get.

I love taking basic ideas and expanding them into something much bigger. It's something I'm pretty good at as a writer, and it's usually how I come up with most of my stories.

What I want you guys and girls to do is come up with ideas, such as setting, character traits/personalities, concepts, genres, etc., and challenge me to come up with a short story with those ideas.

I will do just about anything you come up with (yes, that includes BL, though I intend to keep things to PG-13. I am working on a comic when I can find the time for it that has BL in it though (True Nature.))

Why am I doing this? Because I love doing it, and it helps inspire me to write more. I will try to come up with something for each entry, though sometimes I may only come up with a "concept," something similar to what you'll see on a comic's profile for plot summary.

Though, while I say "Challenge Me," please don't just come up with a bunch of random ideas that I practically have no hope of making a story out of.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

User's Comments:

Reply Vye Brante, 22 Nov 2009

It does? Oh . . . well, I'm glad it all makes sense to him now! . . . 'Cause it sure doesn't to me . . .

The challenge sounds interesting. Meh, I might think about it. Although, I kinda tend to do the same thing, taking simple story ideas and expanding on them. So if I came up with something like that, I may end up with my own story.

So we'll see if I come up with anything for you.

Reply Sol, 22 Nov 2009

@Vye: There were several slight clues throughout the story, including the amount of affection Sypher would show for Kai. You'd have to be really paying attention though.

I think BlackCatz picked up on some of them, since she said she half expected something like this.

Reply BlackCatz, 23 Nov 2009

>///< So I did.

I love all the expressions on the gang ~ really quite funny... and poor Kai ^^;

Edit: I forgot, your challenge sounds interesting.. I'll have to think about it xD

Reply Pandachu, 08 Jan 2010

The other day... I had this idea for a character (not sure if it could be a story), but in my mind, he is an extremely magnificent performer. Dancing, singing, monologues and speeches, he can do them all. But he has virtually no personality of his own. He somewhat realizes this and decides to develop one for himself, but unable to he tries observing and copying what other people do as considered to be personalities.

Reply Sol, 08 Jan 2010

Sounds interesting. I'll see what I can do in the near future.

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