Chapter 15 - Page 18

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Why won't anyone think of the children?

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Reply K.K., 27 Nov 2009

Since Maeva and Masai are related, we can assume some demons have families (though before, Sol has also mentioned that it takes 1 million souls to make a demon, so having them made out of one specific soul is interesting in itself).

In any case, if they DO have families, they must be p!$$ed that Si and Kai just kill'em for kicks. That there's genocide, dude.

Looks like Si's pulling out the X-Buster. Can anyone say "GALAK-GUN attack!!!" He's gonna go and wipe out all the demons that took... well, actually not that long to draw, so whatever.

... they look a bit like Heartless from KH. Anyways, they're Lvl.4's (for those confused, the levels in the TLS universe are the exact opposite of the ones in the D.Gray-man universe) which we've only seen like ONCE a long time ago. I believe that Kai wiped them out despite the fact they weren't doing anything but living peacefully?

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Reply Sol, 28 Nov 2009

Those Class 4's were actually humans, Kai was hallucinating at the time. They did appear once before during the last time Kai and Si had this competition, which Kai won and had to save Si when he ran out of ammo.

And the 1 million souls thing only applies to Elites, and as Masai explained earlier in Chapter 13, the Core Soul is what gives the Demon its personality, the million souls around it just add strength.

4th Class Demons are made of just a Core Soul, and a weak one at that. They're essentially ordinary humans that were turned into Demons.

Now we finally get to see Si's strongest move.

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