Prologue - Page 1

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Reply K.K., 10 Dec 2009

A New Beginning Okay, so I always end up hitting "First" instead of "Previous" whenever I'm clicking around, and... the actual first page is a bit JARRING you know? It looks really really different from all the newer pieces. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing (I mean, you can totally see progression, right? I think...?)

Anyways, this is a new first page, so it looks a lot prettier than it was originally. Not bad, huh? The actual "first" comic is on the next page, so if anybody particularly feels like seeing it, you can click "next" heh.

For anybody "new" to the comic... WELL, the art isn't gonna be so pretty for a little while after this, but bear with? At least you can sorta see what the art of this comic will eventually grow into.

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Reply CityBreak, 27 Nov 2010

intrest stuff my man

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