Chapter 16 - Page 2

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Reply K.K., 19 Jan 2010

Is there still a login problem with comments? I don't know 'cuz I'm not suffering any problems, but maybe the readers are...

Anywhoo, I played Chrono Trigger for the first time this past weekend (Got all the endings, too, in 2 days). Only 15 years after it was made~ Blazed it to max, all characters at double star level, with double star attack, speed and magic def. on all. 3 of them also have double star magic - I'd have more but the magic tabs are hard to get. Heh, by the end, I just equipped every character with a Berserker accessory, so every fight would be on autopilot.

I think Friday's page is going to be a special. Story back Monday.

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Reply Sol, 19 Jan 2010

I still haven't played Chrono Trigger... I've got to do that sometime.

Reply K.K., 19 Jan 2010

>_<" Makes you realize why everyone thinks Chrono Cross was a disappointment. It just didn't have the charm that Chrono Trigger has.

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Reply BlackCatz, 20 Jan 2010

Nice. I liked the pages since I last commented...

Sorry for dropping off the map lately guys ~ I had some issues in RL to handle.

I had a few problems with login/comments, but apparently not tonight O.o

AND Sol, I got my confirmation for AE 2010 via my email xD So I'll be there.

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