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Convenient Forest!

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Reply K.K., 24 Jan 2010

Si seems to be forgetting that the main point of being a rival is to NOT help the other guy with everything when he's being clueless.

Also, Sol and I are big anime fans. First rule of anime - if the hero proclaims his love too early, he's gonna die. (*sniff*, Kamina, you will live forever!) So Kai should either... not, or watch his back.

Well, TECHNICALLY, the first rule might be "the girl who appears first will win the harem" so if that's the case, we're solid. Unless this is a SHUFFLE! situation where the first girl gets blindsided by the green haired tsundere senpai.

New page design's been up for a while, hope you guys like it.

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Reply BlackCatz, 25 Jan 2010

*chokes with laughter*

I'm a pretty big anime fan too myself, and I got a giggle out of your comment,'s true too in several ways ^_^

I see you've been working on the site looks awesome~ I love the top's so cool looking~

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