Chapter 16 - Page 7

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Reply K.K., 02 Feb 2010

*SHOCK!* *BETRAYAL!* As the love of his life draws a blade with a wicked smile, what will our heroic hero do? Will he fight against his childhood sweetheart, or will he suffer a taste of cold steel rather than raise his blade? And what will his steely sidekicks surmise from this surprise?

Next Time on Super Dimensional Demon Warrior Kai Ren, Episode 15, "A Blade To Live By, A Blade To Die By" - See you next time!

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Reply Sol, 02 Feb 2010

If you guessed turn a blade on him in one of the biggest plot twists in TLS, then you were right!

...what, no one guessed that? And I thought K.K. was making it too obvious <.<. Not to mention all of the foreshadowing I made throughout Part 2...

Reply Sol, 02 Feb 2010


Welcome to the climax of Part 2! It should be a fun ride, kehehehehe.

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Reply Captain Ghost, 02 Feb 2010

How interesting... -muses and twirls imaginary 'stache-

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