Chapter 16 - Page 9

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Oh the drama.

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Reply K.K., 07 Feb 2010

So, I started drawing late, cuz of the Superbowl (Who gonna beat dem Saints)

Anyways, coming in at 1.5 hours, the fastest comic I've done in weeks. 'prolly cuz there's less colors to deal with in this page...

Kai's a bit on the slow side.

/edit: I like clouds...

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Reply Sol, 08 Feb 2010

There's some references to Chapter 6 here.

I did a LOT of foreshadowing for this moment. It will all be revealed as the chapter goes on.

User's Comments:

Reply Solmn Deluge (Guest), 08 Feb 2010

I saw her betrayal coming however as for mr. gunslinger; I am rather interested in why he would haphazardly shift sides at the behest of a stranger. Though, I would assume ms. Blondie acts against her true desires- suicide to prevent killing the one she loves perhaps? That would certainly be selfish on her part.
Hehe, le plot thickens ;D

Reply K.K., 08 Feb 2010

=D A yandere is fine too

Reply Solmn Deluge (Guest), 08 Feb 2010

Hehe, I love the expressions you give your characters.

Reply K.K., 09 Feb 2010

:D Thanx much

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